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  1. Everyone must be wearing masks. If you do not wear a mask, you will be asked to put one on. If you do not have a mask on you, you may purchase one at the front desk for $5. They are Sparta Dome cloth masks. There are only a few exceptions to not wearing a mask, like:

    1. Players may remove their masks when they are playing. Once they are done with their game, they must put their mask back on.

    2. When someone is eating or drinking, they may remove their masks. They must be socially distanced from others when they are eating in order to protect themselves and others.

    3. Referees are allowed to have their masks off while reffing their games. However, once their game is over, they must put their mask back on.

  2. There is only 1 spectator allowed per rostered player. There are NO siblings allowed and the spectator attending must be a parent/guardian.


  4. In order to go to the field, you must check in with your entire team at the check in tables located just outside of the concession stand. Here we will also be taking everyone’s temperatures to ensure that no one is running a fever. We will also be giving everyone on the rosters wristbands to play. If they do not have a wristband, then they will not be allowed to play. We will also be having referees checking for the wristbands before starting the game.

  5. The only people allowed on the field are the players, referees, and coaches. Spectators must maintain a six-feet distance from others and watch from the mezzanine area, either downstairs or upstairs. There should be no gathering around within close proximity to others. There will be markers on the bleachers and tables as to where people may sit to keep social distance.

  6. There will be stations around the facility with hand sanitizer for everyone to use. We encourage all to use it frequently. 

  7. There will be markers on the floor leading to concessions and the revolving door to maintain social distancing.

  8. There are designated areas to enter and exit the field. Attached to this email is a diagram on how to enter and exit the facility. The entrance is down by the batting cages, after you check in with your team. There are arrows on the diagram and there will be signs posted around the field. If there are any questions, please refer to the front desk. The exit is by the handicap door, right next to the revolving door. The exit is to be used to leave the field, and can be used to either leave the facility, go to the restroom, or go to the concession stand.

  9. During the tournament, there will be security guards on duty to help with safety control.

We have put all of these rules together in order to make sure that our players, coaches, families, and facility members are safe. If any of these rules are broken, we will have to remove you from the tournament. We are doing all of this to maintain social distancing, keep others safe, and hopefully run a great tournament this year!

DSG Shop Event Nov. 12 - Nov. 15