• Girls U08 Champions - Girl Power II

    Girl Power II took home the Championship for the Girls U08 Division.
  • Girls U10 Champions - Midwest Wings

    In an exciting finals, the Midwest Wings out lasted girl Power to win in a shootout after the game ended the overtime period in a 2-2 tie.
  • Girls U12 Champions - Blue Fire Shockwave

    The Blue Fire Shockwave defeated there other club team the Fusion to bring home the championship medals. Way to go Blue fire
  • Girls U14 Champions - D.I. United

    D.I. United powered their way to the championship.
  • Boys U10 Champions - Elite

    Team Elite zigged and zagged their way to first place in the Boys U10 group
  • Boys U12 Champions - Real Academy Chicago

    Real Academy Chicago made a big impression in their first appearance in the tournament winning the U12 Boys division
  • Boys U16 Champions - Neymar Mr. Nice Guy

    Neymar Mr. Nice Guy motored through a very good U16 group of teams but they would not be denied their medals.
  • Boys U19 Champions - UR Playing 4 2nd

    UR Playing 4 2nd showed that their name was not a lie as they went undefeated throughout the tournament to take home the championship. Good luck to all of you as you will be heading off to college to continue your dreams.